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Omnibuild Announces New Principals

CEO Peter Serpico and COO John Mingione announced three key individuals have been promoted to Principals of Omnibuild.? Much more than just promotions and new titles; Paul Foschi, Robert Galifi, and Diane Reyes have been entrusted with moving Omnibuild to even greater heights and accomplishments in the coming years.? They represent the company’s future and the first step towards expanding our plans for growth and strengthening our position at the top of the NYC construction market and expanding into new disciplines and new locations.

Through their efforts, skill, and expertise they have proven themselves to be effective and energetic leaders while gaining the respect and trust of clients, professionals, and their peers within our industry.? More importantly, they have gained our trust and confidence to lead Omnibuild and to be good stewards and leaders of their staffs.? Omnibuild is uniquely poised to take on even more challenging and prominent projects and show our strengths and abilities against all competitors.? With our new leadership, strong financial footing, and a deep portfolio of work ahead, the future is indeed bright for Omnibuild.